5 global fashion trends defined by Indian culture


Indian culture is not spared of any such global fashion trends which have made their homes on the borders of Europe, America, and Asia. The Indian people have always been known for their eye for beauty and fashion. The people of India are renowned for their rich history in arts and crafts, which is evident from the fact that many priceless paintings and ancient sculptures are seen across the subcontinent.

The impact of Indian culture on global fashion trends is not a new phenomenon. Ever since the fashion industry started expanding its market across the different continents and in response to the growing demands of people, the Indian Clothing industry has also gained tremendous popularity in the global market.

Indian clothing is gaining more popularity among people due to its comfort, durability, and various styles and designs that can be worn to suit different types of occasions with equal ease. At the same time, it is also appealing and eye-catching.

The Influence of Indian Culture on Global Fashion

For ages, India has been an inspiration for various designers and their work, especially when it comes to fashion. The reason is that India has been one of the oldest civilizations on the earth, and its influence on style is undeniable. Indians are very passionate about dressing up as they consider themselves to be the most stylish in the world. Therefore, with the help of various national and international clothing associations in India, the country’s culture is being widely advertised worldwide.

5 Global Fashion Trends From India That Have Gained International Fame


A headpiece, often known as a turban, is a wardrobe staple worn by India’s north-western region. It is a symbol of their culture and tradition that identifies and reflects them. Turbans have been worn on the runways by well-known international designers. As much as any other region in the world, Africans have accepted the tendency.

Gucci debuted the turban design at their design presentations in 2018. In 2012, Chanel featured women on the runway wearing headpieces that looked like turbans. Rajasthani pagris were also included in several worldwide celebrities’ couture displays.


Sarees are one of India’s highly cherished clothing, donned by ladies all around the nation. Every location and culture has its style, yet it is always an expression of Indian fashion. The Bollywood film industry deserves a lot of praise for sarees’ international success. Whenever a foreigner arrives in India to learn about diverse cultures, they must try on a saree.

Gigi Hadid, a well-known worldwide supermodel, displayed the notion of a saree wrapped across her waistline in a sophisticated fashion at New York Fashion Week in 2018.

Indigo Prints

Indigo designs exude an Indian-inspired sense of flair. Mostly during summertime, people in the countryside wear it. With nothing more than a slight twist and a hint of modernism, Westerners have infused this trend into their business today. Dress, maxis, and skirt have been fashioned with the prints.

Nose Ring/clips

A nose ring is an ordinary ornament among Indian ladies. Internationally, fashion and style have had a significant impact. The 2017-2018 Paul Gaultier Couture collection, which included models wearing nose rings on the runways, was inspired by Indian culture.

They donned it as a nath, which ladies traditionally wore during the rule of Rajputs. Naths are a must-have adornment for Indian weddings. It has made its way into the world of style.


India is a mecca for experienced and meticulous embroiderers. Their artistry and handiwork exemplify the country’s diversity. Detailed needlework was featured on skirts and jackets by several renowned designers, including Gucci.

Christian Dior’s Alberta Ferretti draws influence from India. Even purses and footwear are embellished with exquisite and exquisite beading, needlework, or rhinestones.

Bollywood Contributes To The Global Spread Of Indian Culture

Indian Culture is also the primary inspiration for some famous international designers. For example, the well-known designers Manish Malhotra and Sabyasachi Mukherjee have created several Indian-inspired designs. The renowned Bollywood dance troupe has also been instrumental in ushering Indian culture into Hollywood. Most of Hollywood’s leading stars have their roots in India. The popularity of Indian cinema is such that many Hollywood celebrities have also started becoming Indian-American. Thus, Indian influence on fashion is going to stay for a long time.

The Indian culture has always held a special place in the hearts of Indians and foreigners alike. Due to the richness of Indian art, customs and traditions have made it a significant cultural heritage for the country. These traits have been incorporated into Indian clothes as well. There are many reasons why India has gained a lot of importance due to its rich history and past. It has given rise to several of the most influential fashion trends in the world.

As a result, instead of pushing boundaries, draw ideas from them and build your unique style. India’s numerous fashion trends provide you with the freedom to offer and showcase your flair.


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