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What is the ‘dynamic photo’ TikTok trend and how do you do it?

TikTok is making photographs come to life with the new “Dynamic Photo” effect. In the trend, people use the “Dynamic Photo” effect to make people in photos appear like they are moving. The effect causes any face in an image to move pretty convincingly. The photo subjects are able to blink, move their mouths and dart their eyes. The hashtag #dynamicphoto currently has 16.8 million views. “My heart, this filter is crazy,” @onlyhaveyesforyou said. She made photos of David Bowie, Heath Ledger and The Beatles look like the men were living and breathing. The user @dewnosaur used it on her favorite anime drawings and it worked perfectly. But @maddyjo_davies was stunned when the effect started working on her own face. “I thought this only worked on pictures and was about to try the frame behind me. Now I’m screaming,” she said with a few laugh emojis. Using the filter is fairly simple, all you need is the TikTok app and a photo of your choosing


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