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Burberry Spring / Summer 2022 Men’s.Paris, France

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There are dunes, people rave under a bridge in a private location, a black SUV aide, and a boombox tower. It’s called the Burberry Fashion Party and you aren’t invited.

Well, hey. Through the live stream, the British brand unveiled its Spring / Summer 2022 collection, with something other than Burberry you and I know. When Burberry’s chief creative officer Ricardo Tisi chose to present at Home Turf in the past, the designer decided to leave the brand’s safe environment. The last few shows took place at the brand’s London flagship store and participated in Paris Fashion Week. Instead, schedule your trip to the Millennium Mills in the Royal Victoria Dock in East London.

His predominantly London-based creative team remains, including Burberry’s Global Beauty Director Isamaya Ffrench and stylist Ib Kamara. The British psychedelic electronic music group Shpongle performed on the soundtrack.

Maybe it was a more symbolic kind of departure. Burberry has always been synonymous with Britishness, primarily white and rich Britishness, and all the nuances surrounding the upper class of the country popularized by Tissi’s predecessor Christopher Bailey. It may have worked for some time, but Tissi proved that he had little interest in celebrating that part of British culture. Burberry is just a global brand, a brand worn by people of all backgrounds, and each group has its own iconic relationship with the brand. So Tissi made his reference elsewhere, more universal. musics.

“I’ve always been inspired by music and its ability to carry your heart-how it can connect you with people across time, place, and boundaries,” he explains. .. “Music has played a big role in my life. For example, I’ve been playing soundtracks and energy since I was young. Many of my memories built through music are incredible when I discovered myself. Bring me back in the age of – my voice, my identity, my creativity – sharing my experience with friends and sometimes strangers along the way. It’s a collective sense of openness, acceptability, and opportunity. It was like embarking on a universal journey, rallyed by. “

At last you got it. A collection for you, no matter who you are.

“I wanted to capture in the collection the spirit of the free youth and its honest and bold attitude, a sense of experimentation and fluidity. It is infectious, inspiring, vibrant and very vibrant. Raw energy. Like awakening. “

Burberry SS22 Men’s Riccardo Tisci

Highsnobiety shopping list

Monogram embossed backpack

City cyclists are the worst. Pedestrians will tell you this, drivers will tell you this, on earth, even other cyclists will tell you it. Even worse than cyclists are the very practical yet completely stolen backpacks they carry. Those rainproof ones that specify the amount of liquid they can carry. Don’t feel stressed, Burberry gets it. A unique rendition is offered in a quilted check leather version decorated with Thomas Burberry’s monogram. We can thank them all.

Rorschach test T-shirt

If Tisci proves to be superior in one respect, it’s an oversized T-shirt. I was looking for one of the gray ones he went to on the resale site for years for Givenchy. Colombian fit ftw. In Burberry, he was knocked out of the park by Khalil Ghani wearing a Rorschach test-printed sheer cotton T-shirt.

Black tailored pants

The first suit I ever bought was from Burberry. I seemed to be an adult. The coat is good, the pants are good. They cut the ice very sharply. That’s the way you want to show up every time.

Friends to survive this pandemic

Don’t worry about clothes, I want a friend to carry you. Tissi style.


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