Kenneth Cole launches fashionable goggle-style face shield with 180° safety coverage


Global fashion brand Kenneth Cole has launched stylish Goggle-Style Face Shield, a unisex Fashion Protective Wear for Men & Women. The colorful and even fashionable Face Shield comes with 180° Safety Coverage to protect from the harmful virus without causing inconvenience. The Goggle -Style face shield comes with Anti-Fog Glasses and a Clear Face Visor Integrated in One Design and scratch resistant, blocking more than 98% of harmful air. The very popular trend of Goggle style face shield in global markets is now available in India for the first time.

“With the widespread of the Coronavirus, the Face mask is the need of the hour and pandemic fashion has become a thing of sorts and we are pleased to launch A sexy goggle for protection that’s windproof & waterproof. The Face shield is not only stylish but also has a safety full-length that provides side and front face 180-degree protection to the forehead to chin. Potential higher risk zones such as the eyes, nose, and mouth are protected against saliva, droplets, sprays, splatter, and aerosols”, Said Ujjval Saraf, Director, Brandzstorm India Marketing Pvt. Ltd.

The goggle face shield mask has an extremely smooth texture, HD visual Experience, smooth temple lines, attached nose pads with anti-fog clear transparent PC with superior optics allowing for maximum visibility. The high-quality durable shield allows for comfortable wearing for hours on end and could wear like a pair of sunglasses. The Goggles are lightweight with well-positioned nasal support makes them almost unnoticeable. The anti-slip design with ample space away from the eyes allow for free flow of air up and down, preventing any fog or condensation build-up.

The Face Shield can be used in most common workplace environments like hair salons and spa professionals, restaurants, food services. The transparent section makes the wearer’s lips visible, making lip-reading and making out the speaker’s facial expressions possible. It is easy to use and has PC material that can be reused and cleaned with water or disinfectant.

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