Rihanna & A$AP Rocky’s Complete Relationship Timeline: From Friends To Dating


Rihanna and A$AP Rocky. The pairing we’d quirked a brow at through the many years the influential artists have orbited each other. Their relationship has spanned decades and moved through the professional and personal, and now, come 2021, it seems that romance has well and truly blossomed.

From their earliest beginnings supporting each other in their respective music careers, to A$AP Rocky’s confession that Rihanna is the love of his life, here, their entire relationship history.

Settle in, this one spans friendship to ‘hanging out’ to casual dating to becoming one of the biggest celebrity couples on the planet.

June 2021: A$AP Rocky Sweeps Rihanna Off Her Feet, Literally

There’s PDA and then there’s literally physically picking up your partner and carrying her through the streets of New York City. A video shared by TMZ shows Rocky sweeping Rihanna off her feet and carrying her bridal style through New York’s Lower East Side.

The pair apparently spent the night partying into the early morning, with the video apparently taken around 6 am.

The couple also made headlines for this sweetly coordinating purple moment, once again from a date night in New York City.

May 19, 2021: A$AP Rocky Confirms He And Rihanna Are Dating And She’s The Love Of His Life

Rocky puts to bed what amounts to quite literally years of speculation about his and Rihanna’s dating and relationship status. In a May interview with GQ the rapper called Rihanna “my lady” and “the love of my life.”

Noting that he has quite a reputation as a ladies man, Rocky confirmed that he was enjoying the shift to a steady relationship. “So much better when you got the One. She amounts to probably, like, a million of the other ones. I think when you know, you know. She’s the One.”

April 21, 2021: Rihanna and A$AP Rocky Step Out As Fashion’s New Power Couple

Though they’ve thus far kept their relationship largely off social media, Rihanna and A$AP Rocky allowed a glimpse into their romance when the couple had a dinner date at Delilah in Los Angeles.

The pair’s take on couple dressing involved a lot of leather, though less contrived than some of the looks we’ve seen from the likes of, say, Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker. See the photos here and note Rocky’s Marine Serre leather trousers, a nice complement to Rihanna’s brown fur-trimmed leather coat—vintage from Archive.

January 2021: Rihanna Supports A$AP Rocky’s Forays Into Shoe Design

“New year’s resolution: apply the pressure,” was Rihanna’s caption for a low-fi Instagram showcasing her metallic ensemble.

A closer look at her shoes reveals that the strappy heels were ones actually designed by Rocky. The rapper collaborated with footwear designer Amina Muaddi on the Amina Muaddi x AWGE LSD Gladi Thigh Heel. You know, as worn by Rihanna.

December 2020: Rihanna and A$AP Rocky Share A Christmas In Barbados

A$AP Rocky spent Christmas of 2020 with Rihanna in Barbados, a moment he described as a “homecoming thing.” The couple were snapped multiple times throughout December riding jet skis, engaging in some PDA on a chartered catamaran ride and generally enjoying themselves in the water.

A source revealed to ET that the couple weren’t only spending Christmas with each other, but with Rihanna’s family.

“Spending Christmas together was an obvious step for Rihanna and A$AP,” the source said. “They’ve known each other for so long as friends and in a work setting, which makes it so easy for them to get along, travel together and be involved in each other’s lives to the full extent. They always have such a good time together and definitely seem in love.”

Earlier in December, the outlet shared that one of the reasons for their connection was their shared heritage.

“Rihanna relates to A$AP and it feels natural, easy and fun,” the source explained. “She feels very comfortable around him since they’ve known each other for such a long time and also feels a connection to him because his dad is from Barbados.”

Rocky’s father is, like Rihanna, from Barbados, which he reflected on during his GQ interview. “It was crazy. I always imagined what it would be like for my dad, before he came to America. And I got to visit those places, and believe it or not, there was something nostalgic about it. It was foreign but familiar.”

Similarly, trust built through years of friendship also provided foundations for the relationship.

“Rihanna is very into A$AP and now that they’re not so busy with work, they’re able to spend more time together and are really enjoying it,” a source told ET. “They’ve known each other for years and really trust each other as friends first and foremost, which has made their romantic relationship very strong.”

“A$AP has always had a crush on Rihanna and there’s a lot of love there on both sides,” added the source.

Earlier in the month—which yes, was heavy with reports from ‘sources’—it was reported to People that Rihanna is very happy with A$AP Rocky.

“They’ve been inseparable the past few weeks,” the source shared. “It’s a new relationship, but they both seem very into it.”

“They’ve always seemed to have a great time together,” said the source. “They have a lot in common. … They both are very much about helping out in the communities where they grew up.”

Some may recall that Rihanna’s relationship with the Saudi billionaire Hassan Jameel apparently ended due to lifestyle differences. It appears however, Rihanna and Rocky are better matched. “A$AP is generous, and so is Rihanna. A$AP is known for being a great guy.”

July And August 2020: Rihanna And A$AP Rocky Promote Fenty Skin Together

The beauty contained in the image of Rihanna and A$AP Rocky’s promotional photo for Rihanna’s Fenty Skin skincare line is rather breathtaking, but many also wondered if the pictures contained shades of romance too.

A series of videos published around the launch saw the pair interview each other, with Rihanna quizzing Rocky on his skincare routine. Their charm and easy manner fuelled further speculation the pair were more than just savvy entrepreneurial collaborators.

Now, in 2021, we know that the U.S. 2020 summer period was incredibly formative for Rihanna and Rocky’s relationship.

In his May 2021 GQ interview, Rocky revealed that the pair rented a tour bus over the summer and embarked on a “Great American Road Trip.”

Speaking about the summer Rocky explained, “I met myself.”

“Being able to drive and do a tour without feeling like it was an occupation or an obligated job agreement, I feel like that experience is like none other,” Rocky shared. “I never experienced nothing like it.”

January 2020: Rihanna Splits From Her Boyfriend, Rumours Ramp Up About Her And A$AP Rocky Dating

Around the time that Rihanna split from her boyfriend Hassan Jameel, rumours began to circle that she and Rocky were romantically linked.

A source told The Sun that the pair shared a hotel suite during a trip to New York. That said, they did add that “Rihanna is reluctant to put a label on it as it’s so soon after Hassan. They’re really enjoying each other’s company and taking things easy as it’s still early days.”

The source added, “It’s really casual between them and she’s not thinking about whether there’s a future with Rocky. She’s a newly single girl having fun.”

Another source seemed to confirm this version of events, telling E! News that Rihanna “just got out of a long intense relationship with Hassan. She wants to be single and isn’t going to jump into something. She’s hanging out with ASAP Rocky, but she is not dating him.”

December 2019: Rihanna and A$AP Rocky Attend The British Fashion Awards

Is this an excuse to once again marvel at Rihanna’s look from the British Fashion Awards in London? Perhaps. While they attended the event as friends, the pair looked like the picture-perfect couple in their Fenty ensembles.

June 2018: Rihanna and Rocky Attend A Louis Vuitton Show

The fashionable friends sat front row together at the Louis Vuitton show during Paris Fashion Week.

2013: A$AP Rocky Joins Rihanna On Tour

Rocky joined Rihanna for the North American portion of her Diamonds world tour.

2012: A$AP Rocky and Rihanna Collaborate On Her Single

A true deep cut, Rihanna’s 2012 remix of her song ‘Cockiness (Love It)’ featured A$AP Rocky. The song’s themes? Her dominance over a lover.

Some foreshadowing perhaps?

The pair also performed together at the MTV Video Music Awards.


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