Victoria Beckham’s resurrection and new strategy


Victoria Beckham unveiled her pre-spring collection this week, an important turning point for her fashion house. This is because it is the first unified collection in a few years.

The British home has integrated two major lines (Victoria by Victoria Beckham and Victoria Beckham) into one signature collection, readjusted prices and eased hesitation at the cash register.

It’s a strategic move in the midst of a house’s strategic pivot that has been plagued by red ink for years, but now it looks like it’s ready to return to profitability.

Marie Leblanc de Renier (left) and Victoria Beckham-Victoria Beckham

Beckham has also had rapid success in his cosmetology business, which was launched in October 2019. This business is wholly owned by the company, not licensed, and its growth is based on direct sales.

Beckham has long been a darling of the world’s fashion media and, as a designer, has generally received very positive reviews from more sophisticated critics. But her fashion house struggled to turn her talent, international fame and energy into a fast-growing business. In the latest year when the numbers were available, as registered in the company house, her house underwent a fairly radical restructuring, resulting in annual sales of £ 38.3m and losses of £ 16.6m.

However, these numbers are about to change under the guidance of new CEO Marie Leblanc de Renier. Ralph Toledano Backed by an experienced French luxury car NEO Investment partner.

So we caught up with Victoria and her CEO to better understand the new fashion and management approach.

“We consider it a rebirth. We are very excited about this collection as we have combined Victoria by Victoria Beckham and Victoria Beckham into one cohesive collection at a more accessible entry price. This is a sweet spot, “Beckham explained. Her hair was pulled back with a bun.

In the process, the house is carefully dropped into four collections a year, in contrast to the previous eight.

“After the blockage of the last 18 months, it feels like a modern way of dressing. Our consumers have made us realize that they want peace. We pandemic. Everything changed in a dressed way. But by comfort, I don’t mean the tracksuit you wear in the gym. So we have a beautiful long jersey dress. Relaxed trousers Silhouette. A strong suit; and the strong femininity of the 90’s-inspired dress looks effortlessly cool, “smiled Victoria in a crisp gray cashmere sweater.

In addition, Leblanc de Reynies said: “What we wanted to achieve was an affordable and beautifully designed aesthetic.”

The CEO pointed out that Victoria Beckham’s Victoria was around £ 300, while Victoria Beckham’s average price was £ 900. In the future, core items will go from £ 300 to £ 700, separates from £ 400 and full looks from £ 1000 to £ 1300.

“Our goal is to offer designer luxury at a realistic price,” emphasized Leblanc de Reynies.

Victoria Beckham’s Early Spring Collection-Victoria Beckham

The first drop of the unified brand is at the end of November, the other drops will last until the end of January, but the collection will last for 6 months.

“I think this is a sweet spot before I know where to go to buy designer clothing in luxury at an affordable price. In addition, people are always complimenting us on the practice of clothing. That’s great, “she nods.

Beckham also started working with female stylist Jen Hogg. Her classy new lookbook, shot in the splendor of the Regency Mansion, is used on the brand’s own website and e-tailers. Beckham is already working with fashion e-commerce gota – Moda Operandi,match, Net-a-Porter And My Theresa.

But even with lower prices, women have expanded their product mix to more hybrid collections.

“I unbuttoned more,” Beckham smiled. “Now women want to stay calm, feminine and elegant, and we plan to support them with a full range of offers.”

Beckham is cautious about returning to the catwalk, as many homes feel out of a serious crisis.

“I don’t know if the September show is right for me. I want to do a small personal show in London, a luxury collection in a luxury environment, but the next few seasons will be a big show. No, “she confesses.

Beckham, a mother of four, can successfully balance her family and career by sending her children to school. In her own clothes Bienser, I often wear a collaboration collection with Reebok.

“This is what we’ve been doing for years and I’ll tell you a lot. During the pandemic it was a huge success. I’m exercising every day so it works well enough to go to school It was a lot of fun to make the right sportswear that looked good and looked good. My eldest son Brooklyn now lives in Los Angeles and Romeo is about to move to Florida. In Florida, his father is his MLS soccer club. I have Inter Miami.

Victoria Beckham’s Early Spring Collection-Victoria Beckham

After a few years of taxation, the ex-Spice Girl seems to be in a buoyant mood, especially as her beauty business flourished.

“Selling directly to consumers with a focus on sustainability and clean prescriptions was a great strategy,” she says.

“Our beauty broke even at the age of one. We had great success,” added Leblanc de Reynies, a project from skin care to beauty and makeup. The United States is the largest market, followed by the United Kingdom, France and Germany.

“We enjoy focusing on the social side and communicating with our community. It’s like two daughters, a fashion daughter and a beauty daughter,” the designer laughs. ..

Next, we will launch shoes this spring and work on leather products for the next autumn and winter.

“So Victoria Beckham will be a complete lifestyle and luxury brand,” former Posh Spice claims. “I have 29 million followers Instagram Be able to contact you immediately. So I think our opportunities are enormous. There are many things we can do. “

Asked about the time frame to return to the black, the CEO replied: It was clearly impossible in 2020 because of the pandemic, but we often resisted. And since 2019 we have halved our losses, so we were on the right track. So in the next few years we will be in the right place, “she insisted on seeing Beckham.

After that, I added the following from the Mayfair store. “I’m very lucky to have someone like her with me working with Marie. I couldn’t get any more excited about the future.”

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