Western Elders Views From a Park Bench NYC Pop Up


After launching its Spring 2021 collection back in March 2021, Western Elders has decided to connect with its fans by opening a pop-up shop in New York City. The three-day experience is titled “Views From a Park Bench” and aims to celebrate the brand’s hometown culture and concept of unity.

Located in Manhattan’s Lower East Side, the shop is designed with a simple aesthetically pleasing set up. Outside the glass windows are branded with a “Welcome to Western Elders New York City” greeting that is painted onto the glass windows. Once you set foot inside, you’re greeted with a freshly painted room that bears a clothing rack of several of the brand’s products along with a mural of New York City and a blurb about the pop-up. For this initiative, Jamal Braimah — the brand’s founder — is offering up a range of graphic tees and hoodies, one of which is adorned with the aforementioned greeting logo. Tees are prepared in neutral white and ash gray offerings as well as more playful red, green and blue options. Pictured above is also a cozy fleece hoodie that comes in a muted gray color and features an Africa-inspired graphic across the chest.

To further expand upon its NYC motif, an actual park bench is situated inside the shop and is backdropped with a mural of a brick apartment building.

If interested in checking out the space, it’s open for business from June 26-28, 2021 from 11-8pm EDT.

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