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Bruce Dickinson has heavy metal in his leg since hip operation

Bruce Dickinson has “five-and-a-half inches of metal hammered” into his leg following his hip replacement surgery.

The Iron Maiden frontman – who is famous for his energetic live performances that see him run and jump all over the stage – underwent the operation after being in agony on the band’s ‘Legacy of the Beast World Tour’, which began in 2018, although he managed to disguise the fact he was in serious pain and couldn’t even “walk properly” by toning down his moves.

The surgery was a complete success but now Bruce, 62, has a lot of metal holding his leg together whilst he also had resurfacing surgery – which involves attaching a metal cap to the ball in the hip after the ball has been smoothed down – similar to what former Wimbledon tennis champion Andy Murray had done to correct his hip problems.

In an interview on BBC Radio 2, Bruce said: “I have five-and-half inches of metal hammered into my femur, a new hip.

“Same as Andy Murray, it’s been re-surfaced so it’s just like the road men have been in and dug it up and put a new cable in.”

The ‘Can I Play With Madness’ singer is getting ready to go on his ‘An Evening With Bruce Dickinson’ spoken word tour from August in which he shares stories from his career as the frontman of heavy metal legends Iron Maiden, his solo ventures and adventures as a pilot and fencing champion.


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