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Bruce Dickinson “struck five and a half inches of metal” into his leg after hip replacement surgery.

Iron Maiden’s frontman, who runs on stage with an energetic live performance, underwent surgery after resenting the band’s Legacy of the Beast World Tour, which began in 2018, but he felt serious pain. I managed to disguise the fact that I couldn’t even “walk properly” by softening the movement.

The surgery was completely successful, but now Bruce, 62, has a lot of metal to hold the legs together, but there was also a resurfacing surgery-after the ball was smoothed to the hip ball. Includes installing a metal cap-what former Wimbledon tennis champion Andy Murray did to fix a hip problem.

Bruce said in an interview with BBC Radio 2: “I’m driving five and a half inches of metal into my new hip, the femur.

“Like Andy Murray, it’s been resurfaced, so it’s as if a man on the road dug it up and put in a new cable.”

The “Can I Clay With Madness” singer is preparing to take a spoken word tour of “An Evening With Bruce Dickinson” from August. On this tour, heavy metal legend Iron Maiden’s frontman career, solo venture, pilot and adventure as a fencing champion.

Bruce has been asked by the audience and admits he is very happy to make fun of his life on stage.

He states: “I take Mickey out of myself without repentance. I was guilty of wearing the most ridiculous pants in the world. It all makes sense and is done in the best possible taste. Why? Yes, I haven’t been invited to Paris Fashion Week. “

The “Run To The Hills” rocker, who previously admitted to having an op, was the best decision he’s ever made, as he was able to lift weights and exercise as he did when he was a teenager with his new hips. did.

He says: I was just like, “Hey, can’t we get any better?” And he went, “No.” So I said, “It’s October. When the safety car comes out, [Lewis] Hamilton goes to buy new tires.

That was the best I’ve ever done.

“So now I’m back in fencing with my new hips. It’s absolutely amazing. I’ve been doing physiotherapy and weight training that I haven’t done since I was 16 or 17. I’m crouching. Hundred. Kilo. What your body can do is spiritual. “

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