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The most elegant furniture in the world is also some of the most incredible innovation on the planet. 

MLL CUSTOM transports you to a stylish dream home that is comparable to the biggest runways of New York Fashion Week. 

Bogumil and Kamila Żymańczyk

The Polish husband and wife team Bogumil and Kamila Żymańczyk established the business that boasts a client list of some of the biggest tech CEOs, sports celebrities and sports stars in the world. As entrepreneurs they are leaders in the field and holding down a new level of through-the-roof profits. 

Bogumil and Kamila Żymańczyk

The concept was born out of a real necessity from the designer world and consumer needs. The demand for custom furniture is on the rise and the ability to deliver made-to-order pieces is becoming a major point of differentiation between Brands. 

“All our furniture is 100 percent made in Poland. We use cutting-edge technology and we employ the most skilled workers in Europe. Poland has one of the oldest and best schools of carpentry and is one of the biggest manufacturers of top-quality furniture in Europe,” states Żymańczyk. “Most of all, we understand customers’ needs. We launched the company MLL Custom because during the renovation of our own home in Poland we had trouble finding the right contractor. Since we were ready to spend substantial money on the project, couldn’t we expect that the furniture will be, at the same time, fashionable, modern, and beautiful? We came to the conclusion that since even we, living in the Lower Silesia region, a major hub of furniture manufacturing, had such a problem, there are probably more people like us all over the country. After several months we launched a company MLL Custom.” 

Possibilities in design choices are produced and solutions provided. And this is not your grandmother’s furniture. These are pieces produced by technology from inhouse designers who use visualization to captivate future space. 

“The cabinets we build don’t have standard dimensions. Instead, they are tailor-made according to the customer’s wishes,” says the business owner.  “As a result, all our projects are one of the kind. Let me give you an example. One of our customers once designed and made himself a decorative mosaic as a part of cabinet design. He asked us to duplicate that mosaic pattern and include it in the new cabinets we were building for him.”

The possibilities are limitless with MLL Custom. Create your own fashionable home with them this summer. 


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