Grace Wales Bonner on her Spring-Summer time 2022 assortment


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Style Spotlight on Grace Wales Bonner

The designer’s latest collection, unveiled at Men’s Fashion Week in Paris, journeys to Burkina Faso in the 1970s.

This story was produced as part of CNN Style’s partnership with Paris Fashion Week. See more coverage from the events throughout the year here.

London’s Grace Wales Bonner is a singular talent in today’s top fashion echelons. Britain-born and of Jamaican descent, her eponymous label has become a galvanizing force since its launch in 2014.

Wales Bonner’s thoughtful and thoroughly researched studies of the African diaspora and Black identity have helped to broaden and evolve the conversation around menswear on a global level. While Wales Bonner launched as a menswear brand it now offers all-gender pieces.

Using beautifully tailored garments as a means to tell stories, her poignant commentaries on decade-spanning cultural shifts, on sexuality (particularly masculinity) and on societal linkages have spurred…


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